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Much of our suffering comes from focusing on negative experiences from our past and believing that we are "not enough". When we learn to free ourselves from these self destructive beliefs, we can begin to thrive.  Please contact Tyrone directly to arrange a private session

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  • Transformation teaches practical tools for changing thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you (available in Kindle and paperback)
  • Bugs Aren't So Bad encourages your children to face their fears and indulge their curiosity
  • What Makes a Friend teaches your children the wisdom of tolerance and the beauty of diversity
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The Art of Healing Relationships: Relationships are everything. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. Learn to love yourself and attract healthy and loving relationships into your life experience.

Healing Meditations: Meditation is a powerful tool for healing thoughts and beliefs. This course consists of ten (10) guided healing meditations to help people release various self-limiting beliefs. Themes include raising self-esteem, developing compassion, embracing forgiveness and more.


Absolutely loved how the course covers break down of all possible types of relationships. Author has a clear way of articulating new ideas and tools. Love the worksheets for practice and follow up! Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve personal or professional relationships!


I am sorry I didn't say goodbye and I was not able to say thank you for last Wednesday's session. I was too emotional after meditation I couldn't even talk. Whatever you say was true and deeply effect me and release my tears. Thank you again for a nice session.


Let the world celebrate that we were blessed with your presence. That the whole world – your family, your friends, your community, the people you touched, and the ripples of people touched by the people you touched – celebrate all the gifts you have shared with us. In gratitude for your talents, your creativity, your generosity, your willingness to dig in and do whatever it takes, and most of all, your loving heart. Thanks for making this world a better place.


The class was terrific tonight. Thanks again for giving so much of yourself and all of your tools for self improvement to us. We really do appreciate your outpouring of love and caring. You are the real deal!


I really enjoyed this course and the instructor's voice was very pleasing to listen to. I took this course because I thought it would help me as I prepared to visit my extended family at a family wedding. It definitely helped me look at my family relationships a little differently than i was previously and it reduced the pre-visit anxiety I was working myself up with. The instructor does an especially excellent job addressing the "relationship with the self" and I will definitely re-review these topics as I work on making his ideas part of the natural go-to place in my head. The instructor is very skilled at making the relationship concepts easy to follow, implement, and relevant to my life. I never really considered relationships outside of my immediate circle to be something I needed to think about... but the instructor has expanded my viewpoint and has even caused me to be more mindful of how I am interacting with my co-workers. It was very illuminating in completing the course handout activities. It has caused me to see that there is a divide between what I tell others is true about myself and what I actually demonstrate about myself. Fortunately, I can take this course again as I keep practicing on becoming my best self and I am looking forward to more coursework by this author.


Very interesting ,well put together. Easy to listen to. I encourage people to take this course. Mr. Dawkins puts you at ease from the start. Keep up the great work.


I wanted to write and personally thank you for participating in our high school's Career Day. The feedback on your sessions has been astounding. All of the kids loved you and said it was one of the most engaging parts of the day. I know it takes time out of your week to come and speak with us so i wanted you to know it was time well spent and a really worthwhile event for the students.


Thank you for the blessing that was your meditation class on Wednesdays. I only attended a few but i had been away from my religious science community for quite some time and had been led to you by my friend. (Thank you Universe)!! I feel so much more connected now. I purchased your healing relationships course thru Udemy and my plan is to begin the new year with it.


Thank you SO much for an enlightening and encouraging meeting yesterday. You and Marianne are amazing people whose insight and genuine interest in others and helping them seem the truth is inspiring. I felt so uplifted and validated after leaving you yesterday and I have a new perspective with which to approach life. Thank you for that!

Looking forward to listening to the MP3s, to learning more from you, and to imagining/creating the amazing experiences that life has in store for me.


Mr. Dawkins has a confident and comfortable way of helping one open emotional pathways and guiding one down them toward both emotional and spiritual healing. His manner and method are couched not only in confident counseling but in caring.


I really enjoyed taking this course and listening to the lectures. The information here is valuable and I think would benefit anyone who decided to take it. The course material is very organized and flows perfectly. The case studies/scenarios really helped get the key points across and relate it to my own life situations. The worksheets are valuable if you take the time to do the exercises. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to improve any relationships they have. It's a great course and Ill probably listen to it again.


My wife and I found the courses extremely helpful and informative. The topics are timely and pertinent to our daily lives. We were able to glean helpful answers that we are able to implement today. We are looking forward to enrolling in Mr. Dawkins' next installment of courses.