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Much of our suffering comes from focusing on negative experiences from our past and believing that we are "not enough". When we learn to free ourselves from these self destructive beliefs, we can begin to thrive.  Please contact Tyrone directly to arrange a private session

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  • Transformation teaches practical tools for changing thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you (available in Kindle and paperback)
  • Bugs Aren't So Bad encourages your children to face their fears and indulge their curiosity
  • What Makes a Friend teaches your children the wisdom of tolerance and the beauty of diversity
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The Art of Healing Relationships: Relationships are everything. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. Learn to love yourself and attract healthy and loving relationships into your life experience.

Healing Meditations: Meditation is a powerful tool for healing thoughts and beliefs. This course consists of ten (10) guided healing meditations to help people release various self-limiting beliefs. Themes include raising self-esteem, developing compassion, embracing forgiveness and more.


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