My Healing Philosophy

I teach people about the unlimited possibilities of their lives and that they are limited only by the beliefs they hold. We all are powerful creators. Our deepest thoughts /beliefs create the realities we experience. When we come to the place were we spend the majority of our time focused on the experiences that we do want rather than the experiences we don't want we begin the process of drawing those experiences into our reality. Thoughts become things and our words have creative power. If you are ever in doubt as to what you truly believe, just look at the out-picturing of your life because it is a perfect mirror of the thoughts and beliefs you hold within your mind.

People thrive when they are reminded of their magnificent nature rather than being taught that they are less than , (which tends to be pervasive in our culture). When people stop comparing themselves to others and they recognize that their unique nature is their strength, not their weakness, they are able to nurture their talents and abilities. When this happens they are able to live more abundantly.

My Story

My story began not much different from the beginning of anyone else's story. I came from a place of pain, disappointment, frustration, anger, and hurt. Perhaps the only difference was I chose not to stay there.  I worked very hard to free myself from an ingrained victimhood mentality. I learned that in life nothing happens to us but in fact everything happens for us.  The universe continually provided me with opportunities to learn and grow.  The right teachers, books, classes showed up -- all I had to do was open my eyes, heart, and ears.

How we finish the sentence "Life is....." will determine the life we experience.  I have chosen for my life to be a wonderful journey as I have had the privilege of connecting with loving friends, family, strangers, and experiences. I can unequivocally say that each person who came into my life has brought me a great gift. I dedicate my life to sharing my knowledge with all who are interested in learning.

Below are some of my credentials:

  • Received Hypnotherapy Certification in 1996
  • Licensed as a Religious Science Practitioner in 2006
  • Member of Hypnotherapists Union since 1995
  • Trained in hospice care and AIDS counseling
  • Speaking mentor for Toastmasters International
  • Returning Lecturer at the Hypnosis Motivational Institute
  • Executive career consultant for many Fortune 500 companies
  • Conducted variety of classes & workshops on personal empowerment/developments
  • Helped many clients change unwanted behaviors and beliefs through private coaching sessions
  • Author
    • "Transformation"
    • "Bugs Aren't so Bad"
    • "What Makes a Friend"